Total Oblivion

"A fast-paced, suspenseful dystopian picaresque, part Huck Finn and part bizarro-world Swiss Family Robinson..."



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Skinny Dipping

Long-listed for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and finalist for the Crawford Award. Title short story listed for the 2000 O. Henry award.

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Goblin Mercantile Exchange

Futures, Options, and Swaps (the weblog of Alan DeNiro)

time, wasted

Just because I changed (I think) David’s demon from a monkey (or a hawk?) to a freaking ladybug… I figure that turnabout is fair play, Internet. I’m going to post about the weekend real soon. But short version, it rocked.

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Mon, April 30 2007 » ?!?!? » 2 Comments

almost no words

This is from Truesdale’s latest “column”: “But to extrapolate from the two books on the overwhelmingly white, pussy-laden PKD ballot that I have read, this year’s contenders are a solid pussy pride of tail-twitchin’ novels.” Not surprising that he’s saying stuff like this, I guess, although this is worse than usual for him. More surprising [...]

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Fri, April 20 2007 » ?!?!?, Fiction » 14 Comments

“Brush Your Teeth!”

Priceless. I don’t think I need to see the movie now. I’m good.

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Thu, April 5 2007 » ?!?!?, Movies/TV » 1 Comment

SFWA Palz: Election Edition!

“The Micro-VAX 3900 wholeheartedly endorses the current method of information distribution by SFWA and CATEGORICALLY REJECTS any attempt at new-fangled ‘web-blogging.’” “I say! ‘Little Professor’ here, and by gum, I’m quite happy…just the way things are. Just so! My calculations tell me that one of my ‘inventions’ could land me a princely sum! Indeed!” “Aw, [...]

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Tue, March 27 2007 » ?!?!?, Fiction » 5 Comments


Those Arby’s commercials with the stupid hats over the people’s heads who “thinking” about Arby’s-are those commercials slipstream or magic realism?

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Mon, March 19 2007 » ?!?!? » 2 Comments


It’s a good thing the Department of Homeland Security is protecting us from Osama bin Talking Milkshake! Al Qartoon Network is a nefarious force!

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Thu, February 1 2007 » ?!?!?, Polis » 1 Comment

oh my

Stuck at work. (And ch-ch-check out that crazy timestamp!) World Fantasy was great. But I’m afraid I’m not going to be able to say anything coherent about it for a day or two.

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Tue, November 7 2006 » ?!?!? » 3 Comments

random notes

1. I’ve started using LibraryThing (see my sidebar), and it’s been a pretty fun tool. They have a feature that allows you to see who else has the books you do, and in terms of a weighted system (giving more weight to more obscure books), the person (out of 96,000+ members) who has the library [...]

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Tue, October 31 2006 » ?!?!? » 1 Comment

the first rule of Chess Club…

Well…you know.

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Mon, October 16 2006 » ?!?!?, Games » No Comments

wonder twins powers activate! shape of: cosmic alignment

Last week was insanely busy-all to a good end. Great weekend with Gavin and Kelly at the Twin Cities Bookfest, which was its usual smashing success. Perhaps most importantly is Dave Schwartz’s insanely good news about Superpowers. Various cosmic balances are now in alignment. And, Dave, I know you already blew your advance money on [...]

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Mon, October 16 2006 » ?!?!?, Life Studies » 3 Comments

A Message from Skip Moles

BEGIN COMMUNIQUE Greetings, cretins. As David’s twin brother from an evil, alternate dimension parallel to your own, I’ve been watching the proceedings of the last week (from my underwater fortress compound) with no small amount of interest. And so I have commandeered, through my superior technological prowess, this pathetic excuse of a “web log” for [...]

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Tue, September 5 2006 » ?!?!? » 15 Comments

Down the Rabbit Hole, part 2: A Photo Essay

Circle the wagons, boys and girls!* “Defensive formation! Everyone to their positions!” “I’m sick and tired of these motherfucking feminists on the motherfucking wagon!” “All your dues are belong to us.” We are one! Like Voltron!” “Maybe if I keep my mouth shut, I’ll get on the Nebula ballot. Loose lips sink careers!” *Legal note: [...]

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Thu, August 31 2006 » ?!?!?, Fiction » 12 Comments

Not MY celebrity lookalike, but:

Are some of these matches really, really surprising? Check it out:

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Fri, August 18 2006 » ?!?!? » 1 Comment

holy roman umpire.

As a kid I always loved flipping through the historical atlas my Dad had, partic. at the maps of the Holy Roman Empire, and in other eras when the earldoms and duchies outnumbered nationalist entities. We don’t have anything quite so feudal in the U.S., but this zoomable map of Major League Baseball TV demographics [...]

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Tue, June 20 2006 » ?!?!? » No Comments

after a long absence, link

Crazy book sale from Small Beer Press. I mean it’s really insane. Trampoline for $8 and Meet Me in the Moon Room for $5! Meghan has some good writing advice. Weird L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E-type poetry from the 70s involving a vampire, kind of, appropriately named Dracula. Goldmine Shithouse. Gambit is doing very very well, btw.

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Fri, March 3 2006 » ?!?!?, Life Studies » No Comments

this is crazy (mathematics edition)

But can anyone recommend a good book/resource for beginners/dummies on Set Theory?

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Tue, January 24 2006 » ?!?!? » 3 Comments


My favorite new blog is Rate Your Students, which has Rants to Relate To ™-at least in terms of my previous life as an adjunct instructor: Dear Students, I’ve just spent half of yesterday and all of this morning going through your latest essays. They’re horrid. Each one of you has disappointed me in some [...]

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Mon, January 23 2006 » ?!?!? » 1 Comment

best NFC championship song EVER

In terms of musical genres, I love the “Bears Shuffle” Genre, the “let’s make a song to support the home team in their playoff run, go go go!” In that revered pantheon, I present to you THIS SONG. Go Seahawks! Because of this song!

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Thu, January 19 2006 » ?!?!? » 1 Comment

As They Say, “Check Back Often”

David Lynch’s daily weather report. It’s worth the quicktime load.

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Wed, December 14 2005 » ?!?!? » No Comments

A Tuesday of Emptiness

Garth Brooks throws a javelin in his collegiate days. I wish I was making this up.

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Tue, December 6 2005 » ?!?!? » No Comments