Total Oblivion

"A fast-paced, suspenseful dystopian picaresque, part Huck Finn and part bizarro-world Swiss Family Robinson..."



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Skinny Dipping

Long-listed for the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award and finalist for the Crawford Award. Title short story listed for the 2000 O. Henry award.

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Goblin Mercantile Exchange

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random notes

1. I’ve started using LibraryThing (see my sidebar), and it’s been a pretty fun tool. They have a feature that allows you to see who else has the books you do, and in terms of a weighted system (giving more weight to more obscure books), the person (out of 96,000+ members) who has the library most similar to mine is some guy named Dave Schwartz?

2. Obligatory once a year Timberwolves post> I’m weirdly looking forward to the Timberwolves this year. They have no identity, yet, but I think they have the pieces for a fun-and-gun type style. Hell, put KG in as center and use 4 guards. If they fail to make the playoffs this year, it’s a byproduct of anemic, uncreative coaching, because they’re in a weak division. The key will be Randy Foye. I think he’s going to rock out and possibly win rookie of the year, and actually be more “Starbury” than Marbury ever was.

3. Kristin and I will be at World Fantasy in Austin. Looking forward to seeing some of you there. I’ll be reading on Thursday night at 9:30 in the “Evergreen Conference C” room. (OK, I have no idea if it’s called the Evergreen room. But it sounds good. Check your local listings. And bring a beer from one of the parties.)

4. Review of Skinny Dipping in the Lake of the Dead in Ain’t It Cool News.

5. Oh, and I got new glasses.

Tue, October 31 2006 » ?!?!?

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  1. Dave Schwartz October 31 2006 @ 5:35 pm

    Ha! I haven’t put up the cash to actually do more than 200 books yet over there; might do that at some point. Plugging that stuff in is kind of addictive.

    Also, since WHEN is AICN doing book reviews?!? Weird.

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