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Zombies! Touch-typing!

One of my favorite gaming blogs is The Stack. Reading his posts on Final Fantasy V really sold me on playing it, which was a hundred times more to my taste than the rigid, overrated Final Fantasy VI (sorry, I know that’s heresy, but…). Level grinding is one of the few things you can do when you’re sick. More on Final Fantasy V and identity later perhaps…

Anyway, the next game on the Stack’s docket is a really intriguing port of an old Dreamcast game called Typing of the Dead. Which is, yes, a touch-typing instruction game overlayed into the horror shooter genre:

The genius of this is that it naturally encourages touch-typing: you don’t dare look down at the keyboard when there are zombies shambling toward you, and there are as many in-game motivations to type quickly and accurately as there are to shoot quickly and accurately in the original game.

And instead of guns, everyone has keyboards strapped to their backs. Wicked!

Sun, April 13 2008 » Games

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  1. follinge April 14 2008 @ 11:25 am

    Typing always makes me feel like a zombie so I can totally relate to this type of game.


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