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Many times have I started writing this. My iBook is gimped and I still haven’t figured out comments on this fucking blog. It kind of dampens the “exchange” part of this exchange. You have to register on this site to comment, which I want no one to have to do. I can’t find the right toggle, and I don’t have the wherewithal on aforementioned gimped computer to upgrade the WordPress. It’s a holding pattern. And on the other hand, it doesn’t really matter. My cell phone is 3 years old too-I need a new one (the pause in the words appearing after my hands hit the keys…that is the creaking machinery, I see it); omg it’s hard work keeping up…up with being relentless! I could use those things but I don’t need them. No one’s starving here.

In other news, God hates our coffeemaker. The….what is it called? Beaker? Beaker shattered when Kristin dropped it, and then a few days later one of the cats went on the stove, toggled one of the burners to ON, and the cord of the coffeemaker also went ON, as in, caught on fire, which spread to the coffeemaker. 2 foot high flames ensued and Kristin was quick and calm and put it out (foam everywhere for a few days…still everywhere, really, in the nooks). That was at 11:30 at night about a week ago, we were very lucky because Kristin was out earlier and I was asleep. She just happened to be at home and not asleep at a very odd time of the day. So it might have been very very bad. God 1, coffeemaker 0.

Whirring and stalling, whirring and stalling…

Oh this frustration-when “it just has to work!” Oh, this frustration is so…damn frustrating!

Time to drown ourselves in gadgetry.

I just came across this nugget from the Wilderness Survival Guide (AD&D, 1st ed., p. 103, don’t ask):

But if you create a world where “mountains” are made of wood (for instance), your players are going to ask questions and you’re going to have some explaining to do: Are these wooden mountains slippery? Do they burn? Can the characters get splinters if they’re not careful?

To which I say, yes, yes, and yes!!!!

I think I figured it out.

Sun, May 4 2008 » ?!?!?, Life Studies

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  1. follinge May 11 2008 @ 5:57 pm

    I hope you get a really nice coffee maker. My next coffee maker is going to be an expresso machine, I believe.

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