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I spent quite a bit of time transcribing this. I am torn-I am reluctant to bring the manuscript with me — who knows what unspeakable power it holds in the tidal forces of every day occurences? And yet I daren’t let it fall into the wrong hands at home, or for the dog to eat it (or at least chew on it).

I hesitate to provide any commentary on this “spell”, except to say that its deranged historiography has a profound confusion of diametrically opposed paradigms — a kind of Pentecostal Satanism is afoot here, if you will. But perhaps an intense belief in God’s will and God’s plan — and being inexorably led by it — can by definition also include Satan’s plan. And so, being saved can lead one to the revelation of God’s plan through Satan’s plan and his dark arts. Dark arts that can give the grimoire holder what one wants, any temporal power. And also crystal magic, pagan trappings, etc. etc. The mind reels.

Such speculations are foolish, however, in the midst of this madness.

I have taken to transcribing only in daylight, but the daylight retreats and retreats.


Earlie nineties of the blood
Late eighties of the hearts
The absence of kayaks
From any of their decorative tile arts
(Their fatwa of lice are no match O Great Blood-Hound)
Swamp of imagination
Frozen in shakes
Fight the future of planetary trees
And Amulets of Gay
(Awful Devil protect us with your non-Gay aromatherapy)
The snowmobile must be painted
By a maiden dinosaur
From the island refuge
Of Islamic dinosaurs
(The Inuit remember them from mutual whale hunts in their timeless legends)
Then drag the astral projection
Behind the snowmobile
Until you reach The Sapphires
(William T. Riker is an angel who gathered the teeth of Jewel after his expulsion
from NORAD, hiding them in a shoebox buried in the permafrost)

The void of distressing force
Holds the sin aloft
Ancient serpents imprison pineapples
Into the jello of our thoughts
(We are hopeless veins of gold sin.)
Structure the entreaty as a question
Desist eating mountain roses?
Move salmon off nuclear accelerator program?
Quad-blade harpoon what truth proposes?
(Great Psionic Overlord: Exclamations are questions.)
Appoint a druid council
Unto it is given
The eunuch wagon trail
And the uterus of Odin
(THE TRUTH? In 76 B.C. the Persian Emperor Darius engaged the Wiccan Army in a pitched battle at Seward’s Folly Grove. Upon the remains, bears would enact their cannibal Kabbalah.)
Nature’s law enacts us
Sharia of spruce
Cutting off submission
Cutting off the truce
(Invasions exorcise our refuge, but you don’t have to lift a finger once deeds have been decided. You can fly through the state constellation for ten thousand years and STILL save the Alaskan dairy industry from Vampire Jews for Jesus.)
The seals of January don’t use rape kits
The purpose driven life doesn’t use rape kits
Inner quests don’t use rape kits
(The mind must remain open to finding the Exxon-Christ, even in
the midst of profound beastiality.)

Sat, October 4 2008 » Poetry, Polis

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    Good god these just get better and better.

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