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[IFComp 2014] Icepunk


by pageboy

What has impressed me most about this year’s comp is the variety of forms the games have taken. Even from a cursory glance I can see that authors have come from diverse places in thinking about interactive fiction, and what they want to do with their work, and how they present it.

What’s exciting about this is that people have a greater variety of tools to customize their interactive fiction in a way that makes sense for them and the story.

Icepunk is a superb example of this.

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[IFComp 2014] Inward Narrow Crooked Lanes

Hey, so I’m going to try to review works of interactive fiction for the 20th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition. I don’t plan to be thorough or comprehensive, or even do things in randomized order. I’m going to look at games that either (a) seem intriguing right off the bat, even if flawed or (b) by authors who I have a certain level of narrative trust with. (I might play and judge other games though too-this is just a time constraint based on my life right now based on writing.) There might be mild spoilers too, though if anything major needs to be said, I’ll try to signal it.

Oh, you can judge too! And write reviews!

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