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Keepin’ It Real with 15,000 muses of the Missouri Review

So I got my latest issue of Literary Tiger Beat (aka Poets and Writers) and lo, on page 1, is an ad from the Missouri Review with the headline “Your 15,000 Muses Just Arrived”, with an etching of a muse-like women looking down at a down at a dreamy-eyed writer. And-here’s the clever part, see-she’s throwing money in the air like she just don’t care. She’s making it rain!

The body copy of the ad goes onto say:

The adage goes that nothing spurs creativity like a deadline. To that we add, “…and the prospect of $15,000 in cash prizes!”

Smashing! Well at least they are cutting out the crap about artistic integrity, quality and any of that other b.s.

It’s good to know that literary magazines are going all car-salesperson on an unsuspecting public, 99.9% of whom will never see the light of day with any of their jackpots. But that kind of money is something to keep them dreaming and musing, is it not? And by musing, I mean of course, writing $20 checks to the Missouri Review.

Bling bling!

Sat, September 5 2009 » Fiction, Poetry

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