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a few things I learned over the last few days

1. I have the flu.

2. Our dog and Kelly have a really interesting relationship. He’s freaked out by her at first, yes, but then, when he doesn’t have her in sight for more than 10 minutes, forgets everything and starts barking again!. He is the Memento Dog!

3. Despite my flu I had a great time at Southwest Minnesota State University with Kelly and Dave. They both read some smashing stuff and the whole writing community at the university were such great hosts.

4. Bird Island has no birds. Or an island. But it does have a helpful website explaining why:

Many years ago about one and a half miles southwest of Bird Island there was a 60 acre island surrounded by sloughs. The island was filled with many huge, beautiful trees, that were a refuge for thousands of birds.

With the help of ditches and tile the island soon disappeared. Now it has become valuable productive farmland.

I know it’s one thing to note the past history of farmers hungry for arable land. But, in
2008, the “yay ditches! Destroying one-of-a-kind bird habitat!” tone just baffles me.

5. I like having a day job that lets me copyedit in bed, surrounded by fluids and tissues.

6. [sic]

Tue, March 25 2008 » Fiction, Life Studies

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