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time travels

Greetings from 2007! I kind of feel like a time traveler-it will take a month or so to really feel home in 2007. A good visit to Erie last week-some familial chaos, but on the whole good. Spent a wonderful New Year’s with Mr. Barzak & Co. where I forgot, until this moment, that we actually played Mafia that night! Then a fun reading in Cleveland with the aforementioned Mr. Barzak.

Erie a bit more downtrodden; Youngstown on the upswing. Hopefully Erie will take a few lessons from Youngstown. Saw the bumper sticker “Believe in Erie“, which seemed much more of a faith-based hope-and-prayer than Defend Youngstown, which to me seems more based on material realities, hammer in hand.

After a mild stretch, the cold has set into the Twin Cities, and I’m almost welcoming it, as much as it sucks.

It’s been hard to blog of late. Not sure exactly why. I’ve been blogging (i.e., noticing) things in my head that seem to be formulated in blockquote-formed thoughts, but can one have a weblog without a web and a log? “I forget; therefore I blog.” I’ve been productive, more or less, with the fiction the last month; there has been production, but the novel is still pretty nascent and diffuse at this point.

Anyway, my tardiness w. correspondences of late have been a cross between a tree sloth and a dead snail, but I’m slowly playing catchup. Onward…

Fri, January 12 2007 » Life Studies, Meta/Logistics

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