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Taken from a post about the decrepitude of 80s-punk nostalgia tours, but I thought it was apropos of the current brouhaha.

And the abstract desire of a cultural generation to persist, to keep walking forward zombie-like well after it’s dead, is…abstract, just that. It’s a material problem, and needs a material solution. They will not go away if you denounce them, or mock them, or explain history/historicity to them.

They will go away if you stop paying them.

Just food for thought.

Tue, September 5 2006 » Fiction

2 Responses

  1. Richard September 6 2006 @ 9:02 pm

    Which 80s-punk nostalgia tour is decrepit? I’m sure plenty are (oh, right, I just thought of one-but I never thought they were that big a deal in the first place), but there are plenty of folks who I’m VERY VERY GLAD who are getting back together, making new records, popping up from time to time. Gang of Four last fall? Amazing.

  2. Alan September 8 2006 @ 10:15 am

    The links in the article I linked to were in regards to an American Hardcore movie coming out. I think a lot of the irateness is directed at H. Rollins.

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