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Intraplanetary Orders for Under in the Mere

At last, international preorders for Cat Valente’s Under in the Mere are now available from Rabid Transit Press, with deeply discounted shipping, wherever you may be on the globe. We’re still working on interplanetary orders, so hang tight…

Under in the Mere by Catherynne M. Valente

Really, really thrilled about this. Rabid Transit Press is pleased to announce the publication of Under in the Mere, a novella by Catherynne M. Valente, in the December of 2009.

What damosel is this? What damosel is this?

Perhaps I am nothing but a white arm. Perhaps the body which is me diffuses at the water’s surface into nothing but light, light and wetness and blue. Maybe I am nothing but samite, pregnant with silver, and out of those sleeves come endless swords, dropping like lakelight from my hems. Will you come down to me and discover if my body continues below the rippling?

I thought not.

With full interior illustrations from renowned fantasy artist James Owen and Jeremy Owen.

This is really going to be special, and to celebrate that specialness, we’re offering a preorder special: $10 with free shipping.

(U.S. only. International orders, please contact

Go forth and (pre)order!

The Sun Inside review

Rich Horton had nice things to say about David Schwartz’s The Sun Inside, published by our Rabid Transit Press.

And you can too, after you buy it and read it! It has dinosaurs, a journey to the center of the earth, poignant and bittersweet commentary on the Iraq War, and much more.