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letter-to-martha-030315.jpg (3/3/15)

feu-de-joie-session1.html (cathedral) (3/15/15)

feu-de-joie-session2.html (good war) (3/21/15)

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feu-de-joie-session3.html (storeys) (4/29/15)

letter-to-tester-052715(martha).jpg (5/27/15)

feu-de-joie-session4.html (KOMPe) (6/19/15)

letter-to-tester-083115(martha).jpg (9/9/15)

ANEMONE.0 (note: not part of Sessions or Tester's Archive. Nevertheless, I've decided to add it here, with an external link, for completion's sake) (7/31/15)

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