new Twine game released today! A Bathroom Myth (all proceeds benefitting the Transgender Law Center)

I’ve been working on this for, well, quite awhile now, and it’s finally done. The game’s page is here. Pay what you want–all proceeds benefit the Transgender Law Center. Here’s my little blurb for it. It’s about 15K words and takes about 45 minutes to play the three main branches.

Even a buck or two for the game goes a long way to help the TLC which–needless to say–is a cause that’s very important to me. If you can’t pay anything–that’s fine too…but be sure to follow the great work that the TLC does.

“Once there was a woman’s restroom that had its heart broken by the cruelty of human beings.”

In the City of the Animal, the city legislature has just released an Edict restricting the use of bathrooms “based on biological sex.” The women’s restroom on the 5th floor of a sleepy downtown skyscraper doesn’t think the Edict will have any affect whatsoever on it. That is, until a young trans woman named Astrid bursts into the restroom to seek sanctuary from overzealous police. What happens next will change both of them, and perhaps the liberty of the city itself.

A Bathroom Myth is a completely text-based game–your choices might take you to the inner sanctum of the Musteline Benefactor’s court, to a dreamscape where a skyscraper transforms into magical megafauna, to–yes–sentient public restrooms and competing celestial bureaucracies. But more than that, A Bathroom Myth is about queer communities in which people fight to survive, and to love, and to go to the bathroom without being policed.

Pay what you want–all payments will be donated to the Transgender Law Center, an organization that “works to change law, policy and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.” .The game page will be updated often with how much has been raised and donated to TLC.

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