Three Small Notes towards a Cartography of Twine

Choice is only important as it relates to the inconsequential. The word consequence has as its root: consequi: “to follow after.” So what doesn’t follow? What’s left out of a choice?

For a poem the core unit of organization is the line. The core unit of organization of a Twine isn’t what’s in the boxes, but what’s outside of them. (1) The lines and (2) the empty space. The boxes form an archipelago on a vast sea. And the connecting lines are not through-ways, but suggestions of currents.

“…if you can imagine the image of a human being disintegrating from top to bottom, and, if you’re a writer, what you’re building up next to you is text, right? So pretty soon you’ll be gone and the text will be left. But there’s a sense of is that experience or is that something else? Is that experience, like going for a walk, or eating, or all of these other things . . . is the time that it takes to articulate your life–is that a good deal? Should you just not articulate it? You know, is it taking your life away from you?” -Jennifer Moxley.

I might argue that working in a tool like Twine allows for the recapture of the residual “loss” that might come from working hard at a text.

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