Fun Size, Best Size

So the book is out. It’s also an August Booksense pick, which is pretty cool. And, it has taken a while–way too long–but I have here a PDF of about a third of the book. It’s the stories that already appeared online somewhere–whether in a webzine or stuff I put online myself–but in revised, and handy PDF form. It’s, essentially, a “fun size” of the book. You know those Halloween fun-size candies? That are smaller? Yet somehow funner?

The Fun Size Edition.


Update: Fixed link for Fun Size…so sorry about that. I’m having problems with storage at the Taverner’s Koans site, so I switched the URL. Enjoy now. Seriously. I’m writing this in a cafe in Northampton, and I’m not great about blogging on the road, but suffice to say that Readercon was a blast and today is proving to be a relaxing and writerly productive day.)

2 thoughts on “Fun Size, Best Size

  1. Fred Ollinger

    Perhaps the file is empty. I tried to download it, and I got nothing!

    I’m looking forward to reading it. I will get the whole book, I just wanted to start w/ the preview.

    Let me know how it works out. Thanks.


  2. Fred Ollinger

    I looked at the file and this time it downloads. I looked through the stories. Good to see a shout out to Erie.

    I hope things are going well. I even the Readercon, I always wanted to go there. Perhaps one day I’ll be solvent. Right now I don’t really have a job anymore. Kind of complicated. Writing more than ever in the free time. 🙂


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